Thursday, July 28, 2011

June 2011 - St Kitts and Nevis

Well, talk about a challenge! We loved the idea of St Kitts and Nevis but finding recipes on the internet proved quite difficult. After much searching, however, we did manage to find one or two sites with recipe for local cuisine and so for our dinner evening we made:

Mango Chutney, Crispy Bread and Island Style Fruit Punch
Rikkita Beef, Roast Pumpkin and Rice with Beans
Pineapple Cherry Cake

The majority of the recipes came courtesy of under the St Kitts and Nevis tab. The food was all palateable and tasty but not very unusual. I think that we all would have preferred something a bit more exotic tasting from such an exotic location and I think in comparison to it's neighbouring islands (think Antigua, Barbados etc) it wasn't the most impressive of meals but there was nothing that I for one would avoid making. The chutney was sweet and spicy, the punch was fruity, the pumpkin was crispy and the beef was juicy. The pineapple cherry cake looked very pretty but tasted much like ordinary sponge.
I think that in the future we should avoid island food in the middle of winter which is why we are all so excited about our forthcoming meal which is just perfect for cold winter nights.